"He's Dredd Jim!"

Right to the wire...we've managed to fit in another fantastic interview for the doc - and what an interview to end with!  Dredd himself - Karl Urban.

Karl was over in the UK in the guise of that other sic-fi legend he portrays on screen - Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy.  We visited him at Destination Star Trek being held at Excel in London - an extravaganza of all thing Trek!

Despite a hectic schedule, Karl very generously sat down with us to discuss Dredd, both the film itself and his love of the character growing up in New Zealand.

Amongst various topics, we chatted about the importance of keeping the helmet on, acting without being able to use your eyes and keeping "Old Stoney Face's" dialogue to an absolute minimum - why use 3 words when 1 would do...!  It was clear that Karl took the role very seriously and was absolutely focused on creating an on-screen version of Dredd that stayed true to John Wagner's iconic character.

It was a cool interview, we covered a lot of ground - now all we have to do is try and get him into the master edit in time for the UK Premiere at the BFI!  Tickets for which, in case you hadn't heard are on sale now!


  1. When's this coming out on DVD for those of us who can't make it to the UK for the premiere? :)

  2. Hi there! - the distribution channels for the film are being discussed at the moment - so no date yet unfortunately - but as soon as we have any details, we will let everyone know...

    Thanks for getting in touch!


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