Friday, 21 June 2013

Gosh! with Gary..

@garyerskine @GoshComics.

We had the opportunity to grab a great interview with Gary Erskine a while back.  Gary was kind enough to come down to Gosh! during a recent visit to London to speak to us about his experiences working at 2000AD.  It was an interesting insight into his background, his era at the comic and his US work.  We also had a really fascinating chat about the left brain / right brain relationship in relation to reading and understanding comics.  He said we need to ask Alan Grant more about that.. on the case!

Just as we finished up, Mark Buckingham popped by for his weekly stash and we all went for a lovely chat over a pint.

Massive thanks to Gary, and of course to Gosh! for allowing us to camp out in the manga section for an hour or two..

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Drokk n' Roll

Huge thanks to @Scott_Ian from @Anthrax for finding a spare hour to sit down with us during the UK leg of his current spoken word tour.  We hooked up with him in Gloucester last week and chatted about how his love of 2000AD inspired him to write 'I Am The Law', the classic tune that spread the word of Dredd to Anthrax fans back in '87.

Scott gave us a great fan perspective, being truly cemented as part of the mythos of 2000AD with the song.It was especially interesting hearing his perspective as a fan from across the Atlantic.  We had great fun talking about the music, the role of violence in the media as well as America's relationship with Judge Dredd - fascinating stuff!   (I've got this funny memory while packing up and Sean & I were desperately trying not to overhear Scott & Helen's excited discussion about upcoming events in Game of Thrones.  After last night's episode I see what you mean guys.  Holy crap!)

Big cheers to Scott & best of luck with the the rest of the tour!