Friday, 31 October 2014

Blast Off!

On Tuesday evening we had our European premiere in screen 1 at the BFI Southbank, and what an unforgettable night it was.  Sincerely, I was overwhelmed.  In attendance were friends who came to show support, the production crew, some of whom were seeing it for the very first time and of course there were the hardcore fans of 2000AD, finally getting to see this thing that has kept me out of the sunlight for the last few months..!

The audience also included some of the contributors to the doc, without whom the film would be nothing. It was a bit nerve-wracking for sure, hoping that we have done justice to the comic, its fans and its history, and luckily it seemed to be received very well.  The laughs were certainly all in the right places at least, and we got a nice round of applause as the lights came up during the end credits. It was a very proud moment.

As soon as the film was over Sean, Helen and I were brought up to the stage for a Q&A with Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill! I swear I had been playing this over and over in my head all week and now it was actually happening. What an experience, to be up there alongside the same creators that have given me so much enjoyment over the years. Truly bloody amazing.

©Tony Richards

I'm so grateful that we were given the opportunity to enjoy such a special night, the likes of which I'll be very lucky if I ever experience again.

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who came, I hope it was fun :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"He's Dredd Jim!"

Right to the wire...we've managed to fit in another fantastic interview for the doc - and what an interview to end with!  Dredd himself - Karl Urban.

Karl was over in the UK in the guise of that other sic-fi legend he portrays on screen - Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy.  We visited him at Destination Star Trek being held at Excel in London - an extravaganza of all thing Trek!

Despite a hectic schedule, Karl very generously sat down with us to discuss Dredd, both the film itself and his love of the character growing up in New Zealand.

Amongst various topics, we chatted about the importance of keeping the helmet on, acting without being able to use your eyes and keeping "Old Stoney Face's" dialogue to an absolute minimum - why use 3 words when 1 would do...!  It was clear that Karl took the role very seriously and was absolutely focused on creating an on-screen version of Dredd that stayed true to John Wagner's iconic character.

It was a cool interview, we covered a lot of ground - now all we have to do is try and get him into the master edit in time for the UK Premiere at the BFI!  Tickets for which, in case you hadn't heard are on sale now!