Dan Abnett

Filming in Dan's Den
Last Month, Helen and I headed over to interview Dan in his hometown in Kent.  Dan's a novelist & comic book writer, as well as a prolific 2000AD contributor (Barney credits Dan with 206 thrills and counting!).  

His place in the history of 2000AD is cemented by the creation of fan-favourite strip Sinister Dexter with David Millgate, his re-'vamping' of Durham Red (with Mark Harrison), as well the revival of The VC's - which he told us was a personal favourite strip of his when growing up. 

I can also highly recommend Dan's recent Graphic Novel, The New Deadwardians.  It's a really clever new spin on a very well trodden path, Vamps vs. Zombies!  It's outstanding, so cheers for that, Dan!


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