Back in January we took our first steps towards getting the documentary off the ground.  In the midst of a furious snowstorm, Sean, Helen and I trekked out to Oxford for a meeting with Matt Smith (the current 2000AD Editor) and Jason Kingsley (Rebellion CEO) at THE 2000AD NERVE CENTRE!

We're a thousand miles from nowhere man,
and it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse
before it gets any better!

Seriously, it was like, a PROPER expedition!  The snow fell like that massive pancake in Bone, it was only a 10 minute walk from the station but damn it was so cold!  We were really excited though, and Matt & Jason were very cool.  We chatted with them about where we're coming from with the film, and where we want it to go, and they seemed as enthusiastic about it as us!  They gave us their blessing to use any 2000AD artwork in the film, which obviously really helps us to tell the whole story properly.

Here's a pic of Sean and I in the lobby, somehow I managed to make this 7ft Dredd statue look tiny... I wouldn't mind one of those.

The crime is taking a selfy... the sssentence iss Death!


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