Dave Gibbons


The best thing about producing this doc is getting the opportunity to meet and interview some of the creators that I have respected and admired over the years.  So last week we visited Dave at his beautiful home in Hertfordshire, where he was kind enough to sit with us for a few hours chatting about the old days, it was a lot of fun.  

Dave Gibbons' artwork has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  I loved his Rogue Trooper & Future Shocks in 2000AD as a kid, then followed him over to DC where he elevated comic artwork to a whole new level in Watchmen.  I vividly remember first seeing the blood-stained smiley face on a promotional poster on the wall in Calamity in Harrow (back when they were up that little art & crafts alley), and asking John & Eric what the hell it was all about...  Back then I was loyally following any and all the 2000AD creators in their US published works, and it was with a huge amount of pride that I observed the impact that Moore & Gibbons made with that book over the following years.  Proud of the role that 2000AD had played in the genesis of this and other genre-defining works.

As we talked, up on the wall behind him was that same smiley face (you can just make it out in a frame in the colour pic), it's a hand-painted prop from the movie.  I had this feeling that something had come full circle...  Dunno.  All I can say is that it was cool.

Big thanks to Dave and his family for being so generous with his time, sorry for dragging him away from his afternoon G&T's on the lawn!


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