D'Israeli Cheers!

After a bit of a break in production (due to the birth of human babies, semi-major operations and general hibernation among the crew) we got back on the horse a couple of weeks ago with the renowned artist D'Israeli, who sat down with us for an great interview at his home in Notts.

His contribution to 2000AD spans the last 15 years, and includes stunning work on thrills such as Low Life, Leviathan and Stickleback.

We're huge fans of his unique art style, which is at the same time both mathematically precise as well as blazing with creative freedom.  His position among the pantheon of 2000AD artists is testament to the comic's constant drive to mine fresh talent and ideas that don't necessarily conform to what has gone before.

We got into things pretty deeply, as D'Israeli is very much a thinking person's creator.  Coming from such an academic background it's no surprise that his thoughts on the comic, it's history and legacy are perceptive, cerebral and fascinating.   His insights will make a great contribution to the project.

Once again, huge thanks for having us, for the coffee and for sparing us the time!


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